Can Cats Get Jealous?

Cats may act out, meow more or try to distract you from others vying for your affection due to jealousy.  

Attention Seeking  

Jealous cats may hide, act aggressive or mark territory with urine to show their frustration with newcomers getting attention.

 Aggression Risk

Cat jealousy is common when bringing home a new baby. Give kitty equal love and keep nursery room off limits.

Baby Caution  

Slowly introduce new dogs or cats to resident cat. Separate when unsupervised initially to avoid tension.  

New Pet Tips

Maintain your cat's routine like feeding, play and lap time to ease stress of lifestyle changes causing jealousy.

 Routine Helps 

Add extra litter boxes in case of territorial marking from jealous behavior. Clean messes with enzyme cleaner. 

Litter Boxes

Gradually get cat accustomed to new people or pets that trigger jealous reactions through positive reinforcement.

Desensitize Triggers  

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