Can Cats Eat Pumpkin for Health?

Pumpkin provides vitamin A, C and E antioxidants. It’s low calorie, high fiber to reduce hairballs.


Cook fresh pumpkin by baking, steaming or microwaving until soft. Don't add sugar or spices which can be unsafe.  


Give pumpkin as an occasional snack or meal mixer for variety, not everyday. Start with tiny amounts to avoid stomach issues.

Feed Occasionally   

 If your cat licks bowl clean or begs for more, they likely enjoy and tolerate pumpkin well.

Signs Kitty Likes 

Stop feeding immediately if you notice signs of allergies like itching, swelling or vomiting after eating pumpkin.


Too much pumpkin can cause loose stool. Reduce quantity and frequency if this occurs.

 Diarrhea Caution

 Pumpkin promotes healthy digestion and weight management for senior cats 11+ years old. Ask your vet first. 

Seniors Benefit

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