Camping with Your Dog Easy and Stress Free

Bring food, water, bowls, bedding, waste bags, grooming tools, first aid kit, leash, toys, lights and ID tags


Keep dogs leashed, supervise near fires, apply flea/tick prevention before trip. Watch for wildlife and environmental hazards.


Respect noise rules, leash laws, cleaning up after your dog and not leaving them unattended at campsites. 


Go on hiking adventures, swim, explore, play games and do dog-friendly activities. New sights and smells will excite them!


Properly dispose of all dog waste in designated receptacles, not near water sources. Follow Leave No Trace principles


Book dog-friendly campgrounds or pet friendly cabin rentals. Check size restrictions and fees.


Bring a comfy sleeping pad or cot for your dog. Make sure they get adequate rest amid the stimulation.  


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