Building a First Aid Kit for Your Dog's Health 

Use gauze pads to clean and apply pressure to wounds. Multiple sizes are useful for various injuries.

Sterile Gauze Pads  

Stock various bandage types like rolls, strips and pads to protect minor cuts and abrasions from infection. 

Adhesive Bandages  

Apply antibiotic creams to prevent infection in broken skin or itchy hot spots.

Antiseptic Ointments  

 Tape secures dressings, gauze in place. Blunt scissors safely cut away fur around injuries.

Medical Tape & Scissors 

Wear gloves when providing first aid care to avoid disease transmission. Several pairs in case they tear.

Latex Gloves  

Take temperature to check for fever indicating illness, injury or heat stroke requiring prompt veterinary care.

Rectal Thermometer 

Use to flush wounds, eyes or nose of debris. Minimizes contamination risk. 

Saline or Water 

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