Breeds to Bring to a Dog-Friendly Workplace  

Sweet Cavies thrive on being with their beloved owner, meaning they’re happy following you to work.  

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

 So long as they get a brisk morning walk, mellow Bulldogs snooze under your desk the workday away.


Eager to please Poodles are obedient coworkers who enjoy learning office tricks when you need distraction.  


 Retired racing Greyhounds are content to doze atop office dog beds near you all day.


Havanese puppy-like charm helps them win over officemates. They adapt well to routines.


 Social Frenchies find new friendships in workplace surroundings while staying out from underfoot. 

 French Bulldog  

With minimal exercise needs, amusing Pugs happily tag along to the office to snooze under your desk.  


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