Breeds Most Prone to Aggressive Tendencies 

Tiny but mighty, Chihuahuas often sharply guard territory, resources, and owners despite small stature.  


 Bred for protection work, Dobies tend to demonstrate dog aggression requiring extensive proper training.   

Dobermann Pinscher  

Originally carriage guardians, strong-willed Rotties need dedicated leadership to curb protective biting as livestock handlers.   


 Herding background translates into high arousal and bite incidents without an experienced handler properly channeling energy.  

 German Shepherd  

Stubborn heelers frequently nip to maneuver uncooperative charges requiring redirection. 

 Australian Cattle Dog

While dog/animal aggression stems from fighting ancestry, human aggression results from abusive or negligent environments. 

 Pit Bull   

High prey drives lead many Huskies to injure smaller animals if not carefully supervised.

 Siberian Husky  

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