Brave Cat Alerts Family of House Fire

The fire broke out unexpectedly around midnight when the Rowe family was sound asleep.  

Midnight Mayhem 

The smoke detectors failed to trigger leaving the sleeping family unaware of the growing fire.

Silent Alarms

Pet cat Pixie smelled smoke and raced to wake the Rowes, jumping on them persistently.  

Cat to the Rescue  

Thanks to Pixie's loud warnings, the family escaped the flames within moments, before being trapped.

Swift Escape

 Firefighters soon arrived to tackle the intense house blaze that ultimately burned a third of the home.  

Close Call 

 If not for the cat's bold efforts, the story could have tragically ended for the unsuspecting family.

 Heroic Efforts  

 Many praised brave Pixie’s lifesaving actions, without whom the family may have perished. 

Honoring Bravery

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