Black Cat Fun Facts Luck, History, Traits

Black cats seen as good luck in the UK. Friendly creatures if treated well. Loyal and loving pets.

Good Luck in UK 

Unfairly associated with witchcraft in Middle Ages. Stillfight misconceptions. Make wonderful pets.

Witch Link  

Exceptional intelligence compared to other cats. Quick learners. Respond well to training.

Very Smart

Stealthy prowlers. Keen senses help them catch prey. Strong hunters important varmint control.

Great Hunters 

Agile and nimble. Excellent jumpers and climbers. Like to perch up high watching world below.  

Athletic Skills

Can live 15-20 years with proper care. Robust health. Lower cancer rates than light fur cats.

Long Lifespan 

Make wonderful pets. Check local shelters to adopt one of these awesome kitties.

Adopt a Black Cat!

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