Best Medium-Size Dogs For Your Home

Smart, friendly, and energetic. Labs make great family dogs and do well in homes or apartments with daily walks.

Labrador Retriever 

This velcro breed sticks by your side. Vizslas need lots of activity and thrive with owners who can run, hike, or walk them daily.


Agile herders that excel at dog sports and love to work. Border Collies need active owners and mental stimulation through training. 

Border Collie 

Stern-looking but friendly, Schnauzers make great watchdogs. They adapt well to apartment or city living if exercised.

Standard Schnauzer

Fluffy and eye-catching. Samoyeds shed year-round and require daily brushing but make lively, fun-loving pets.


Sleek and fast runners. Whippets demand regular vigorous exercise but make affectionate and docile housemates. 


Family-friendly Poodles are eager to please and quicker to train than other breeds. Their coat requires professional grooming.   

Standard Poodle

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