Best Low-Maintenance Dogs

Bulldogs require minimal grooming and only moderate exercise. Their calm temperament also rates them among the easiest dog breeds.  


A short thin coat makes grooming Greyhounds simple. And after daily walks, these gentle dogs enjoy lounging.


Surprisingly, the long locks of the Shih Tzu don't require intensive upkeep. Their affectionate companionship is also low-key.

Shih Tzu

With basic brushing needs and moderate activity requirements, Whippets make excellent dogs for busy households.


The loyal and happy Cavalier King Charles Spaniel adapts well to apartment living and brisk walks.

Cavalier KCS  

French Bulldogs have minimal grooming needs but do require climate control. Their playful personality is easily satisfied.  

French Bulldog

Sturdy Chow Chows are very independent dogs with intrinsic cleanliness making them ideal for busy owners.

Chow Chow

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