Best Dog Foods for Helping Your Pup Gain Weight

Canned wet foods have more bioavailable fat and calories to support healthy weight gain.  

Wet Food

Balanced commercial raw diets offer dense proteins/fats for adding pounds. Supervise to avoid cross-contamination.  

Raw Food

High quality puppy formulas provide proper nutrients for growth if adult weight gain foods are inadequate.   

Puppy Food

Mixing kibble with cooked eggs, cheese, chicken can safely increase caloric intake. Ask your vet first.  


Some old dogs require senior dog foods for slight weight gain and muscle maintenance.   

Senior Food

In moderation, supplements like coconut oil, beef tallow, nutritional yeast can enrich skinny dog’s diet.  


Don’t overdo walks and play until desired body condition is achieved. Prevent over expenditure of consumed calories.   

Exercise Less

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