Best Dog Breeds Known for Being Quiet

Greyhounds use speed not sound to hunt rabbits and don't habitually bark. Any bark gets your attention as out of the ordinary.


 With minimal barking needs due to their quiet nature, Frenchies are great for apartments or noise restricted homes. 

French Bulldog  

Reserved Bernese Mountain Dogs bark only when necessary to alert you of intruders or concerns making them pleasant housemates.

Bernese Mountain Dog  

With infrequent barking, the noble St. Bernard instead displays its size and imposing presence to ward off threats. 

St. Bernard 

Though energetic when active, clever Border Collies don't vocally bark without reason

 Border Collie

As an independent guardian breed, Great Pyrenees powerfully announce dangers instead of nuisance barking.

 Great Pyrenees   

Traditionally well-mannered Brits like Corgis, Bulldogs, Scottys, are less prone to bothersome barking.   

British Dog Breeds

Breeds to Bring to a Dog-Friendly Workplace