Best Dog Breeds for Playtime

Friendly, energetic, fun-loving. Happy playing fetch or frisbee for hours. Gentle play style.

Labrador Retriever  

Joyful, people-pleasers. Playful into old age. Love playing chasing games with kids.

Golden Retriever

Pack dogs that thrive on high energy play. Enjoy wrestling, tug of war, agility activities.

Siberian Husky

Energetic, athletic clowns of the dog world. Run and play for hours. Love chasing balls.


Velcro dogs that need plenty of interactive playtime. Enjoy games like hide and seek. Affectionate players.  


Smart herders bred to work all day. Need active play like frisbee to stay happy.

Australian Shepherd 

The smartest dogs. Need intense mental and physical play daily. Tennis ball obsessed.

Border Collie

Top Obedient Dog Breeds