Guide to Effectively Using a Clicker for Dog

 The click sound must occur simultaneously with desired behavior, so have device handy to capture it in precise moments.

Click Quickly 

Back up every click with a highly motivating treat or toy to build the association between click = earned prize.  

Reward Each Click   

Wait to attach verbal or visual cues to actions so clicks remain "marking" the right behaviors instead of commanding them.   

 Add Cues Later

Sometimes reward clicks with treats, sometimes pets to keep dog engaged. Vary unexpectedly.  

 Mix Up Reinforcement 

Prevent "trigger happiness" by only clicking truly desirable exceptional behaviors vs. every minor thing.  

Avoid Over-Clicking   

Rule out confusion, satiation, poor technique or device failure if clicks ever lose their power and effect.  

Troubleshoot If Needed

Phase out clicker for well-known skills so it maintains novelty and impact teaching advanced tricks.  

Use Discriminately   

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