Are Human Pain Medications Safe For Dogs?

Many common OTC human pain medications like ibuprofen, aspirin and acetaminophen can be extremely toxic for dogs, posing liver and gastrointestinal risks.


Some human pain relievers like gabapentin, amantadine and tramadol are safer vet-prescribed options for temporary dog pain relief.  


Dog-specific pain relievers like Rimadyl, galiprant and metacam are NSAID options tailored to canine physiologies and sensitivities.  


Supplements with glucosamine, turmeric, omega-3s may provide mild pain and inflammation relief for dogs with chronic arthritis.  


Gentle stretching, low-impact exercise, massages, physical therapy and acupuncture can aid dogs enduring musculoskeletal pain.  


Sustaining lean body composition, joint supplements and prompt injury/disease treatment helps prevent dog pain development.   


Have veterinarians thoroughly examine dogs to pinpoint pain causes prior to trying any OTC or prescription pain relief medications.


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