Are Bananas Healthy or Harmful for Dogs?

Bananas provide vitamin B6, vitamin C, potassium, copper and fiber without lots of calories dogs!

Nutrition Perks  

The natural sugars give dogs an energy lift while potassium protects muscles and nerves.

Energy Boost  

Too many bananas lead to weight gain, constipation or diarrhea if dogs eat too much at once.   

 Limit Quantities  

 Banana allergies in dogs cause itchy skin, upset stomach, wheezing. Discontinue if these develop.

Allergy Risk  

Mash or slice bananas into bite sizes instead of giving dogs large chunks they could choke on

Prep Tips

Avoid adding chocolate, caramel or sugary peanut butter with bananas which leads to excess calories.

 Limit Sugary Mix-ins  

Wait until finished weaning around 8-12 weeks before introducing bananas as occasional treats.   

 For Puppies 

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