Are Antibiotics Really Safe For Dogs

Extensive antibiotic overprescribing enables dangerous antibiotic-resistant bacteria to take hold, rendering antibiotics ineffective.


Antibiotics wipe out good gut flora in dogs, causing digestion issues like vomiting, diarrhea or lack of appetite in dogs.  

Side Effects

Supplements like d-mannose, vitamins and unsweetened yogurt can resolve minor UTIs without antibiotics.  


Minor skin or ear infections may respond well to antimicrobial shampoos, wipes and ointments without oral antibiotics.


Giving probiotic supplements during and after antibiotic treatments can restore beneficial gut flora lost.  


Identify the exact infection-causing bacteria strain through cultures first to select the ideal targeted antibiotic.  

Culture First

Only use antibiotics when clearly clinically warranted, for the minimum effective treatment duration per your vet’s guidelines.

Short Course

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