America's Top 8 Most Beloved Cat Breeds

The floppy-eared Scottish Fold has folded its way into the 8th spot with its owl-like face and sweet, loyal personality.

Scottish Fold

Active, inquisitive and snuggly, the regal Abyssinian cat claims spot #7 thanks to its beauty and brains.


Known for its affectionate nature and puppy-like following behaviors, the laidback Ragdoll ranks 6th.


Playful, gentle giants, the shaggy Maine Coon cat comes it at #5 for favorite felines.

Maine Coon

Elegant, floofy Persians hold their own as the 4th most loved cat in America.


Vocal, outgoing and bold, the attention-loving Siamese places 3rd for popular kitty breeds.


Domestic Shorthairs and Longhairs dominate as the #1 and #2 most common house cats. 

Domestic Shorthairs

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