All About Certified Feline Therapy Cats 

Therapy cats are affectionate, gentle pets with special training allowing supervised visit healthcare settings like hospitals without stress to give comfort.


Certified cats can sit calmly for handling, don’t mind medical devices or being carried, accept strangers well and offer distraction.


Training ensures therapy cats have mastered basic obedience, being on leash, exposure to new stimuli, and remaining unbothered by unfamiliar environments/people.  


Their volunteer handlers coordinate visits to retirement homes, schools, libraries, study spaces on college campuses and more by request for moral support.


Research shows interacting with therapy cats helps lower anxiety, depression, trauma symptoms and promotes communication especially in kids or institutionalized adults.  


Accredited organizations assess cat temperament, health and skills for certification. Background checks required for handlers guiding them too.


Therapy cats enjoy stimulating adventures, attention and bringing joy. Handlers bond closely with their therapy pets over their community service.


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