8 Signs You're Not Ready for a Dog

With their needs for regular walking, play time, bonding, and training, dogs take a lot of time. 

No Free Time

Dogs require daily care and consistency with a permanent home base. Frequent travels for vacations, business,

Hard to Travel 

While apartment living is possible with some breeds, most dogs require outdoor space for exercise and relief. 

Housing Not Ideal

From food to supplies to medical bills, pet ownership carries a hefty financial commitment. 

Significant Expenses 

When preparing to welcome a dog, you must be ready for over a decade of responsibility to care for all their needs.

Long Term Obligation

Certain medical conditions like serious dog allergies make owning a dog very challenging. 

Health Considerations 

 A hyper, energetic breed will likely be unhappy in a low activity home without proper physical and mental stimulation.

Energy Mismatch

Top Tips for New Dog For First-Time Owners