7 Ways Dogs Show They Missed You When Away

Dogs jump, spin, wag their tail, and get the “zoomies” when reunited with their missed human.

Excited Greeting   

A clingy, needy dog who sticks to your side after returning home reveals how much they missed you.

Velcro Dog

Destructive behavior, restlessness, whining, and loss of house training show separation stress.


Finding their favorite toys in their bed or on your pillow means they took comfort snuggling with your scent.

Toy Surprise

If your dog seems hungrier after you return from a trip, it’s likely they barely ate in your absence.

Increased Appetite  

Some dogs appear depressed or mope around when their human is gone.


Shredded toilet paper or debris means your bored dog took out their frustration while you were away.

Paper Trail

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