7 True and Inspiring Stories About Remarkable Dogs

Lucky, the family dog, rescued his previously amputated leg from inside his owner's burning home.  

Doubled Hero  

Granite, a young Great Dane survived alone for 3 weeks wedged under a collapsed 3-deck parking garage after an earthquake.

Triple Decker Survivor

Specially trained Labrador Retrievers use their exceptional sense of smell to detect dangerous cancer growths in humans that machines can miss.   

 Cancer Sniffer  

Many documented stories exist of dogs alerting owners to impending earthquakes, giving families precious time to escape to safety thanks to their acute natural sensing abilities.  

Quake Sensor

Researcher discovered her border collie, Chaser, learned the distinct names for over 1,000 objects, comprehending human vocabulary at a level closer to a toddler.  

 Language Learner 

Sully, a loving yellow Labrador assisted President H.W. Bush for months before the president passed away, soothing not just him but the nation during grieving.   

Therapy Ambassador 

A devoted Golden Retriever located and helped a drowning dog struggling in icy waters while on his regular lake walk with his owner

Coast Guard Ally

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