7 Traits Gorgeous Neva Masquerade Cat Breed  

The Neva Masquerade originated as a natural hybrid between Siberians and Siamese in Russia.  

Russian Roots

Their stand-out facial markings resemble a dark mask across bright blue eyes.

 Striking "Mask" Markings 

All Neva Masquerades boast brilliant, vivid blue eye color.

Vivid Blue Eyes  

They bond closely with their families while remaining playfully curious.   

Pleasant Personality

Like their ancestral Siamese relatives, Nevas are very vocal and affectionate.  

Siamese Influence  

Their plush semi-longhair coat protects them from Russian winters.  

Sensitivity to Cold   

Due to their remote Russian origins, Neva Masquerades remain scarcely available.

Exceedingly Rare  

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