7 Tips To Teaching Your Dog Good Manners

Teach your dog to sit on command using treats to reinforce the behavior. Sit teaches impulse control.


"Stay" builds your dog's patience. Reward longer stays. Use it to prevent door dashing or stopping unwanted behavior.


Stop your dog jumping through positive training. Praise 4 paws on floor, reward alternate calm behaviors.  

No Jump

Stop pulling on walks through reward-based training. Change direction or stand still when they pull then reward slack leash.

Loose Leash

Teach polite greetings to humans and dogs by rewarding calm behavior. Ignore jumping up to discourage it.  


"Take it" teaches your dog to gently take treats and objects. Reward gentle mouth contact.

Take It

Reward your dog for obeying "Leave it" when they don't touch food or other distractions. Essential self-control.

Leave It

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