7 Tips To Decode Your Cat's Meows

1 or 2 quick meows are greetings or expressions of contentment. Reply with affection.

Short Mews

This friendly meow seeks attention. Provide playtime or lap time to satisfy their request.

Mid-Pitched Meow 

Long, drawn-out meows indicate your cat wants something urgently. This is often for food.

Plaintive Meowing 

These happy sounds mean excitement, affection or contentment. Reciprocate with pets and praise.

Trills and Chirps

Yowls signal mating urges or discomfort. Consult your vet if the cat isn't in heat.

Deep Yowling   

This cat feels threatened by something. Remove the perceived danger to calm your cat.


Aggressive vocalizations signify anger or fear. Give space while reassuring your cat.

Growling or Yowling  

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