7 Tips on Drama Free Cat Baths

Choose a small, enclosed space like a bathroom. Have treats, towel, brush, washcloth and cat shampoo ready.


Use a sprayer on a gentle setting or plastic cups to wet and rinse. Cotton balls can clean face. Use pet shampoo


Speak softly, handle gently yet firmly. Lift and support under belly. Keep suds away from face.


Unless dirty, bath cats every 2-4 months. Dry shampoo can freshen between full baths. Brush frequently.


Give treats before, during and after bathing so your cat associates it with a positive reward.


Expect meowing displeasure. Stay calm and offer reassuring pets. Praise your cat for cooperating. 


Gently dry your cat with a towel. Brush when coat is damp to avoid matting. Trim nails if needed.


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