7 Tips For Safely Picking Up and Holding Your Cat

Move cautiously and let kitty see and smell you first before attempts to pick up to avoid startling them.  

Approach Slowly  

Support cat's back legs and hindquarters fully with one hand or arm pressed along underside

Secure Rear  

Use other hand/arm to gently control chest area so front limbs unable to scratch. 

 Control Chest  

Bring cat in slowly and tightly to your chest to restrict mobility without compressing organs. 

 Lift Properly

Holding or restraining cats too long will cause irritation and agitation.

Limit Restraint 

 Crouch to gently place cat on the floor vs dropping to prevent injuries.  

Set Down Carefully  

Give treats and affection to cats accepting handling to make it a positive experience.

Reward Cooperating  

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