7 Tips For Hiking with Your Dog

Teach commands like stay, come, leave it. Practice off-leash control. Get your dog used to walking on different surfaces.


Bring collapsible bowls, dog first aid, towels, bags for waste, a leash and harness or backpack, trail snacks and plenty of water.


Watch for hazards like cliffs, lakes, wildlife, snakes, foxtails, hot pavement. Know if local plants are poisonous to dogs.


Respect leash laws and rules. Use voice control and leash your dog when others approach. Pick up and dispose of all waste.


Match the hike difficulty and distance to your dog's abilities. Take breaks. Watch for limping, panting and other signs of fatigue or injury.


After the hike, check paws for injury, brush out burrs, and rinse off dirt, salt and irritants. Rest tired muscles. 


Have your dog microchipped and wear ID tags. Consider a GPS tracker in case you get separated from your pup.


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