7 Tips for Choosing the Purrfect Cat

Research popular cat breeds to find those well-suited to your lifestyle and home. Consider activity level, grooming needs, shedding, and personality.


Ensure you can provide adequate space for a cat to play, climb, and relax. Have scratching posts, toys, beds, and perches available.


Estimate costs of food, litter, vet care, grooming, toys to ensure you can cover a cat's expenses. Budget for emergencies too.


Cats require daily play, affection and litter box cleaning. Make sure your schedule allows plenty of quality time with your new furry friend.


Kittens need more hands-on care while older cats may suit busier households. Choose an age that fits your lifestyle.


Observe cat personalities at the shelter. Seek an affectionate yet independent cat that enjoys petting and play.


Ensure any special needs of senior, disabled or medical needs cats can be accommodated before adoption.


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