7 Tips for a Well-Behaved Dog

Take puppy out regularly and reward with treats for going potty outside. Use a crate when you can't supervise.

Start Housetraining 

Safely expose your puppy to new places, people, dogs and experiences for a friendly, confident dog.

Socialize Your Pup

Reward wanted behaviors with treats and praise. Ignore unwanted behaviors don't punish puppies.

Use Positive Reinforcement

Work on "sit," "stay," "come," "down" and leash walking commands starting early and often.

Basic Commands 

Make the crate comfortable with a bed and toys. Use it for naps, at night, and when you're away.

Crate Train Your Dog

Say "ouch!" then ignore pup when they nip. Redirect to chew toys. Don't play rough with hands.

Discourage Nipping  

Take puppies on short leash walks. Have play sessions to burn energy and bond.

Play Daily

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