7 Things You Should Never Do to Your Dog

Never punish, yell at, or physically discipline your dog. This leads to fear-based responses.

Punish or Yell

Avoid choke collars or other painful training devices. They can cause injury and learned helplessness.

Pinch Collars  

Don't shame dogs by rubbing their nose in urine or feces accidents. They can't connect punishment with past events.  

Rub Nose in Mess

Bathing too frequently strips healthy oils from skin and fur. Vet recommended bathing only.


Never ignore or delay treatment if you suspect your dog is sick, injured, or acting abnormal.

Health Issues

Do not force your dog to interact if scared or uncertain. Allow them to build confidence at their own pace.

Force Interaction  

Avoid projecting complex human emotions and motives onto your dog's behavior.

Assume Their Feelings

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