7 Things You Should Know About Terriers 

Terriers trace their heritage from working dogs adept at catching rats, badgers and other vermin.  

Originally Bred to Hunt Rodents  

Most terriers remain lively, excitable, mischievous and bred for action.

Tend to be High Energy   

Terriers span from diminutive Yorkies to mid-sized Cairns to large Airedales.  

Classified by Size   

 Persistent terrier instincts to dig and chase often surface despite domestication. 

 Have Strong Prey Drive  

 Crossbred terriers blend best traits from two purebred lines.

Hybrid Vigor of Mixes  

Wiry, soft, broken or silky coats help distinguish related terrier types.   

Identifiable by Coat Texture  

 Though small dogs, terriers exhibit attitude and quirky behaviors exceeding their stature.

Big Personalities  

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