7 Things You Must Know about the Genetta Cat

Named for the African Genet species, Genettas boast faux-wildcat looks with black on tan spotted short coats and bold stripes.

Wildcat Inspired Look  

In the 1960s a kitten born to Siamese parents in France spontaneously sported this novel coat pattern - the starting point of the new Genetta breed.

Created in France   

Genetta's strong long hind legs propel them in athletic leaps to the top of refrigerators and tall bookcases. 

High Jumping Skills

Genetta kittens especially stay constantly on the move. Be prepared for lively mischief from playful youngsters.  

 Lots of Kitten Energy  

Busy Genettas thrive most with owners providing interactive playtime like feather wand dangling and ample climbing structures.

Best for Active Homes 

Many Genetta cats learn to get along fine with pet dogs in their homes. Proper introductions prevent issues.

 Dog Tolerant  

With the breed still developing in numbers, Genettas exhibit strong health as recent descendants from original cats.

Generations from Foundation 

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