7 Submissive Dog Behaviors to Know

Submissive behaviors in dogs reflect deference and a desire to avoid conflict. Recognizing these signs is crucial for understanding your furry friend.


When a dog's ears are pulled back against their head, it's a clear sign of submission. This behavior communicates a wish to avoid confrontation.

Ears Back

A low or tucked tail indicates submission. The dog is expressing humility and a lack of threat, showcasing a gentle disposition.

Low Tail

Dogs will avert their gaze to show submission. Direct eye contact can be perceived as a challenge, so avoiding it is a submissive gesture.

Avoiding Eye Contact

When a dog exposes their belly, it's a vulnerable position. Rolling over signals submission and trust in their human or another dog.

Rolling Over

A lowered body, with or without crouching, demonstrates submission. The dog is making themselves smaller to convey non-aggression.

Body Lowered

Dogs may urinate when greeting or meeting someone new. It's a submissive behavior expressing acknowledgment and non-threat.

Submissive Urination

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