7 Striking Solid Black Dog Breeds

A classic and coveted breed, German Shepherds wear sleek black sable, bi-color or all-black coats beautifully.  

German Shepherd

With imposing stature, Dobermans strike an impressive form dressed in pure black fur.

Doberman Pinscher

Their long black coat helps Belgian Sheepdogs excel at shepherding and protection work.   

Belgian Sheepdog 

 This Hungarian herding breed turns heads in their distinctive rusty black coat called “cserszínű” in their native land.


 Known for flowing coats and gentle dispositions, solid black Cocker Spaniels melt hearts.

Cocker Spaniel

Schipperkes are small but bold Belgian dogs wearing gleaming black fur offset by pointed brown accents.  


Despite towering size, Giant Schnauzers wear sleek solid black coats trimmed in iconic style.

Giant Schnauzer

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