7 Small Cat Breeds

Short-statured cats renowned for long bodies atop stubby legs perfect for small homes.   


Tipping the scales at just 4-8 lbs, Singapuras rank among the smallest domestic cat breeds.


Naturally occurring curly-coated mutation yielding endearingly fluffy 8 lb lapfuls.  


Leggy, dainty, big-eared pixies weighing under 7 lbs on their tall, slender frames.

Cornish Rex  

 Their perky curled ears amplify the appeal of these compact 6-10 lb kitties.  

American Curl  

 Impish Division 1 pixies under 9 lbs overloaded with clownish capers and cuddles.   

Devon Rex  

 Fiercely affectionate 8 lb guard cats bred in miniature proportions.


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