7 Signs of Horner’s Syndrome In Cats

One constricted pupil versus a dilated pupil on the opposing eye (anisocoria) is a classic sign.  

Uneven Pupils 

Internal nictitating membrane visibility as inner corner pink lining from a sunk eyeball.

Apparent 3rd Eyelid 

Concave or deep set abnormal eye positioning within the socket. 

 Sunken Eye Appearance   

Fold over curved ear tips on just one side indicates peripheral nerve damage. 

 Droopy Ear Tips  

Lagging blink rates ties to impaired normal tear production.  

 Decreased Eye Blinks   

Puckered nose leather and nasal planum from poor nerve input.

Nasal Dryness   

Delayed/weak vision loss driven pupil adjustments to direct light confirms dysfunction.

Reaction Lag  

What Do A Cat’s Eyes Mean?