7 Signature Traits of the Werewolf Cat Breed 

Instead of dense downy undercoat, their hair follicles lack this layer resulting in thinly haired areas.

Sparse Undercoat

Their coat's distinctive patternappears partially hairlessin places, resembling a werewolf.

Partially Bald Look  

Agouti banding on their residual black fur creates dark reversed ticking for their unique wolfish look.  

Signature Roan Appeal

 Gold rings circle vivid green irises resembling werewolves further.

Striking Eyes  

They delightfully exhibit classic feline curiosity and clownish kitten charm.


Quick reflexes and sharp focus equip them for hunting prowess.

Skilled Mousers 

First emerging naturally in 2010, TICA granted championship status in 2019.  

Natural New Breed

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