7 Reasons To Love The British Shorthair Cat

While self-contained, British Shorthairs form close bonds and enjoy quiet affection with their families.

Affectionate Personality

 British Shorthairs transition well to new homes, other pets and routines. Ideal for first-time owners.

Highly Adaptable  

With their plush, dense coat, British Shorthairs only require weekly combing to remove dead fur.

Minimal Grooming   

No major genetic diseases. Can be prone to obesity and heart conditions with improper care. 

Generally Healthy

Clever, devoted companions. Their calm nature makes them easy to train.  


Striking blue coat and bright copper eyes. Many color patterns exist beyond the British Blue.

Eye-catching Looks 

British Shorthairs adjust well to apartment/city living. Affectionate yet content on their own.

Calm Temperament

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