7 Reasons Behind Dog's Excitement or Fear Peeing

Dogs may pee when excited due to overstimulation. This behavior is common and stems from the release of built-up energy and enthusiasm.


Fear-induced peeing is a submissive response to perceived threats. Dogs may exhibit this behavior when scared or anxious to appease a perceived dominant figure.


Some dogs exhibit submissive peeing as a sign of respect or subordination. This behavior often occurs when greeting people or other animals.

Submissive Behavior

Incomplete house training can lead to inappropriate peeing. Puppies and untrained dogs may not fully understand where it's acceptable to relieve themselves.

Lack of Training

Underlying health problems such as urinary tract infections or bladder issues can cause involuntary peeing. Consult a vet if the behavior persists.

Medical Issues

Younger dogs, especially puppies, are more prone to excitement peeing. With age and training, this behavior often diminishes.

Excitement and Age

Encourage positive behavior and reinforce proper potty habits. Reward your dog for urinating in designated areas to reduce excitement or fear peeing.

Positive Reinforcement

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