7 Practical Commands to Teach Your Dog 

One of the first cues to master. Teaches impulse control. Useful for approaching doors, crosses streets safely.


Means remain in place until released. Essential for open doors, greetings, mealtimes and impulse control. 


Building reliable recall ensures your dog returns when called - imperative for safety. Generously reward every time.


Laying down calmly diffuses situations. Cue for handling, exams, hugging kids. Reduce jumping up.


Ignoring tempting things paves the way for impulse control. Prevents chewing, stealing food, etc. 

Leave It

Reward your dog every time they correctly perform the command. Food, play and praise motivate best.

Use Positive Reinforcement

Daily 5 minute sessions solidify commands better than occasional long ones. Makes cues second nature.

Practice Often

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