7 Popular Celebrities Who Love Maltipoo Dogs

Supermodel Heidi Klum owns two darling maltipoos named Anton and Johan. The pups sometimes accompany her to work.  

Heidi Klum  

While on tour, singer Rihanna has her beloved maltipoo Clara in tow to give her snuggles and comfort.


Pop star Miley Cyrus’ two maltipoos Mate and Bean feature prominently on her social media channels.  

 Miley Cyrus

Comedian and talk show host Chelsea Handler is mom to maltipoo pets Chunk and Tammy. 

Chelsea Handler  

Singer Jessica Simpson often dresses up her maltipoo Daisy in cute outfits and accessories.  

Jessica Simpson

 Oscar winning actress Halle Berry owns an adorable maltipoo named Playdough.

Halle Berry  

Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine has three maltipoos - Frankie Girl, Jimmy Jam, and Cookie Face. 

Adam Levine

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