7 of the Most Unique and Rare Cat Breeds

Known as "werewolf" cats due to their partially hairless coat with patches of fur. Playful and friendly.   


Hybrid cats with hairless bodies, big ears and cute short Munchkin-like legs. Affectionate and lively.  


Distinctive curled-back ears. Sturdy, muscular bodies. Intelligent and social.  

American Curl 

 Curly or wavy coat texture is a dominant genetic trait. Clever, active and alert.  


Long, tubular bodies. Come in over 300 striking coat color combinations.  

Oriental Shorthair   

Nearly hairless to the touch. Cuddly lap cats that crave skin-to-skin contact.   


 Born with a naturally bobbed or shortened tail. Highly interactive cats.

American Bobtail

The 7 Most Intelligent Cat Breeds