7 of the Largest Dog Breeds in the World

English Mastiffs take the prize as heaviest dogs with some males reaching a weight of 230+ pounds! These mellow giants stand at least 30 inches tall.

 English Mastiff

Towering Great Danes rank as the tallest dogs, standing on average 32-34 inches at the shoulder. Some great males stretch past 40 inches tall!

Great Dane

Once used for Alpine rescues, barrel-chested St. Bernards tip the scales around 180-220+ pounds despite a height usually under 30 inches.

 St. Bernard

Shaggy gentle Newfoundlands males average 150 pounds but can weigh up to 200 pounds and stand over 30 inches at the shoulder.


This German lion-resembling breed reaches weights exceeding 170 pounds and heights between 27-31 inches at maturity.


Though thinner with sight hound physiques, Irish Wolfhounds stand at least 32 inches tall as adults.

Irish Wolfhound

Like their Irish Wolfhound cousins, athletic Scottish Deerhounds grow over 30 inches tall and weigh 90-110+ pounds.

Scottish Deerhound

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