7 Must-Know Facts about the Raas Cat Breed

Raas cats trace their distinct lineage to the remote Indonesian island village after which they're named.  

Native to Indonesia

Unlike Japanese Bobtails, most Raas are born with tiny stub tails no longer than 3 vertebrae. 

Naturally Bobbed Tail  

They actively solicit human attention and enthusiastically welcome visitors.

Welcoming Nature   

Unlike related Asian cat breeds, all coat colors and patterns are acceptable.  

Kaleidoscope of Colors 

A semi-cobby torso gives Raas cats surprising heft and substance.

Sturdy Body  

 A medium-length single coat keeps grooming quick.  

Twice-a-Week Brushing   

Few breeders internationally slow global familiarity with the amenable Raas.

Quite Rare  

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