7 Most Popular Types of Dachshund Dog Breeds

Short, sleek single layer coat. Sturdy, robust bodies. Outgoing personalities.

Smooth Dachshund  

Long, slightly wavy flowing coat. Gentle temperament. 

Longhaired Dachshund 

Thick double layer coat with a harder, wiry topcoat. Tenacious hunting dogs.  

Wirehaired Dachshund   

 20+ lb Dachshunds bred to scent, chase game below and above ground.

 Standard Dachshund

11 lb and under small Dachshunds with all the spunk of standards.  

Miniature Dachshund  

 Usually mini Wirehaired Dachshunds weighing under 8 lbs used to hunt small game.   

Rabbit Dachshund 

Rabbit dog" Dachshund smaller than rabbits used to hunt. Now rare

Kaninchen Dachshund

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