7 Most Intelligent Dog Breeds Known for Trainability

Renowned for their agility prowess, Border Collies also rank number one for intelligence and trainability amongst all dog breeds.

Border Collie 

Standard Poodles consistently rate in the top three smartest dogs ideal for demanding performance sports and complex trick training.

Standard Poodle

 Driven to work closely with handlers, German Shepherds excel across roles from security to entertainment with their responsive natures.

German Shepherd  

Goldens love learning new things to please owners. Their sunny confidence allows them to pick up new skills easily

Golden Retriever  

Dobermans determined athleticism pairs with a sharp responsiveness making them acutely aware of human body language.  

 Doberman Pinscher

America’s family favorite, the Labrador Retriever lives to work for praise from their special person during training.

 Labrador Retriever  

Tiny but trainable Papillons enjoy flaunting their smarts during competitive events and entertaining humans.


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