7 Mind-Blowing Traits of Chihuahua Dogs

A 2.4 inch tall Chihuahua named Miracle Milly claimed the record for world's smallest living dog.

Smallest Dog Ever  

With good nutrition and healthcare, Chihuahuas frequently live over 15-20 years.   

 Exceptional Life Span  

Paris Hilton and other celebs parade Chihuahuas as ultra-glam accessories. 

High Fashion Icons  

A Chihuahua named Chico was discovered after 6 years roaming Croatia over 125 miles from home

Global Wanderers  

Chihuahuas assist veterans coping with PTSD as devoted service dogs.

Patriotic Partners  

Fleet footed Chihuahuas clock over 12 mph outpacing Labs and other large competitors

Speed Racers

 Long coat Chihuahuas strut their stuff on America’s top runways.

Show Stoppers

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