7 Low Shedding Cat Breeds for Allergy Sufferers

Curly coats with a soft, wooly texture that sheds minimally. Bathe monthly.  

 Cornish Rex 

Short, fine coats with light shedding seasonally. Brush weekly to manage loose hair. 


Sleek, close-lying coat sheds little. Weekly brushing removes dead fur.

 Oriental Shorthair  

 Appear hairless. No fur shedding but skin oils may impact those with sensitivities.  


Dense, plush coat with minimal shedding year-round. Comb weekly.   

Russian Blue 

 Low, dense undercoat sheds lightly. Bathe monthly and wipe coats down weekly.

Devon Rex

 Thick, luxurious coats with slight seasonal shedding. Groom twice weekly.


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