7 Lovable Beagle Personality Traits  

Beagles are affectionately called "pocket hounds" due to their petite, compact size compared to other hunting hounds.


Beagles have an amazing sense of smell estimated to be second only to the Bloodhound breed!  

Nose Power

Beagles have a gentle and mellow temperament despite their hunting dog lineage. Loyal companions!

Sweet Nature 

The classic Beagle "baying" bark and howl makes them quite the vocal entertainers.  


Beagles keep owners laughing with their amusing, clownish and happy-go-lucky personalities.  


Beagles love their chow and use that trademark nose to expertly hunt down any crumbs. Food drive is key.


Beagles prefer companionship, thriving most in a home with people, other pets, or another Beagle buddy!


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